Cars play important role in people's lives

Every day we spend a lot of time on the road, in our cars. Sometimes, we spend more time driving than being awake at our home. That's why the quality, comfort and reliability of your car is so important. Our mission is to help you to get the best experience during those driving hours.

Buying a car is one of the biggest decisions

Choosing a car is a huge commitment. So many things to get right. The brand, the model, value for money sweet-spot, the right financing options. When you do it once in a few years, it's so easy to make a mistake. That's why we are here for you as you trusty adviser.

Let's be honest, it's stressful to buy a car

It takes a lot to get the car you want. Trips to various dealerships and car-malls far from home, pushy sales-people, credit applications. It's a lot of stress for anybody. What if you could ask someone else to do all those things and just bring you the coveted card right to your front-door?

We take car purchasing experience to the next level

Our white-glove Concierge service helps you to avoid spending stressful time in dealerships and instead to focus on things you really love, like your family or your business. Use our mobile app or just give us a call and go about your day, while we take care of all the car buying process for you.

Protecting the environment

We all love the roar of the old good V8 motor, the explosive sound of sports exhaust and even a smell of the slightly burned transmission clutch. But we must become greener to protect our planet and the future of our kids, and the electric cars provide a great opportunity to do just that. We stand by to help you make that electric switch-over, whenever you ready.

Supporting community

We want to give back to the communities we work and live with. That’s why we donate to local charity foundations and schools in California and beyond and participate at the local auto events whenever we can.

What our customers say

Amazing results

Amir has assisted us in purchasing cars on this very competitive and challenging market. From start to finish Amir was professional and courteous and so helpful in finding us our dream cars. He's extremely knowledgeable and knows how to get the job done with amazing results.


San Rafael

Long term clients

Our go to for new cars, we are long term clients of Amir and so happy with the service his company provides.



Never buy a car without them!

I would never buy or sell another car without Amir! I trust him completely and he makes the otherwise stressful process of car buying feel civilized. He identifies the car you want (new or used,) handles the negotiations for a lease or a purchase, delivers the car to your home, handles the paperwork, and gives you a tutorial. He will find a “hard to find” car or simply negotiate the best price on the car you want from the dealership you want. He is a hard working, honest, dependable guy. We have now bought/leased at least 10 cars from him over the years and hope to never do it again without him!!



Shop your next car stress-free

CARAGENTS will take care of all the details